I think we are going to get a wall mounted HVAC system

We have a really big great room in our house and it’s almost three stories high.

There’s a big open loft along with a wood burning fireplace and chimney made out of river stone.

It’s a beautiful room but we have a terrible time trying to keep the temperature comfortable there. The indoor air quality is okay there, but the heating and the cooling tend to escape the room on a very rapid basis. In the winter, I think it’s probably the worst time to be in that room because the place is freezing cold. Even when we have the central heating system running in the house and a nice big fire built in the fireplace, the great room is still always about ten degrees colder than the rest of the house. That’s a huge difference! Plus, I think all of the windows tend to make it feel colder in the room, too. I have often thought about just buying a couple of little electric space heaters to put into the great room to help keep the temperature warm enough for us to stand during the winter. But when you have a really nice, fancy, well decorated room like our great room is, you really hate to mess with the whole aesthetic of the place by putting a couple of ugly electric space heaters here and there around the space. That’s why I’ve been talking to one of our local heating and cooling companies. We actually have a guy coming out next week to give us some ideas on what we might be able to do to help with heating the great room more efficiently and economically.

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Over the winter an icicle broke off our gutter and messed up the A/C

During the winters, we get huge icicles around here because the temperatures get super cold and stay that way for weeks on end. I rarely ever go back behind our house, especially during the winters when the snow is so deep and the weather is so cold. However, back behind the garage is where the exterior air conditioning unit is. Apparently, we need to build a little shed or something for the A/C unit to protect it from the icicles that form on the back of the garage on the eaves. Of course, we didn’t realize that this was something that we needed to do until it was too late. Now that the weather is finally heating up outside, we decided to go ahead and clean our central air conditioning system and get it ready for the spring and summer that’s coming up. We tend to wait until the last minute to do this type of thing so I was actually pretty proud of myself when I actually decided to get everything checked out early this year. It’s probably because it’s been such a long hard winter. We are all just ready for some sunshine and some summer fun, that’s for sure. Anyway, it’s a good thing that I went to check out the air conditioning system behind the garage, because I found that the whole thing was dented up and the fan blades inside were dented up beyond repair. Apparently, a gigantic icicle had fallen off the garage roof during the winter and crushed it. Now we have to get an air conditioning repair professional out here to see if the A/C is something that can be salvaged or if we’re going to have to buy a new one!

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My boys are all very stinky

I have three teenage boys and they are all super stinky, especially in the summertime when the temperatures are really hot outside.

I have had to spend so much money on sprays and air fresheners over the past couple of years that you would not believe it! I have tried just about everything to try and improve the indoor air quality in my house, but nothing seems to be working.

There are always stinky socks, sports equipment, cleats, and shoes everywhere in the house. Of course, since they are messy teen boys as well as stinky ones, their stuff is all over the place. I try to keep it under control but sometimes it just doesn’t work. Anyway, I have been looking for a solution to help with the indoor air quality in our house and finally I got smart and called up our local HVAC company to see if they had any suggestions for me. Of course, they did and now I’m so excited that I’m actually going to have a solution to the smelly house problem. The HVAC technician that I spoke with over the phone told me that he actually has the same problem in his house with his twin boys and all of their lacrosse equipment. He said that they ended up putting in a whole home air purification system to run in tandem with their heating and cooling system and it has made all of the difference in the world for them. After he mentioned an air purification system, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of that myself! I’m so glad that I called. I made an appointment to get our UV light air purification system installed early next week.

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Not having the A/C gives me headaches

I don’t know when this actually started happening but for some reason, I have become one of those people who absolutely has to have air conditioning.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older and more susceptible to having issues like that or what, but it’s really getting to be pretty annoying.

It’s extra annoying to me in the summertime whenever the temperatures outside are hot, but sometimes I have trouble in the fall and the winter too. I just don’t need a whole lot of heating and my husband likes to keep the thermostat in our house turned way up high whenever it’s a little bit cold outside. I can’t stand it, and it’s actually one of the things that we end up fighting about the most. In the summer, as you can probably imagine, we end up fighting over the temperature settings on the thermostat nearly all of the time. I keep on telling him that without the air conditioning in the summer, I end up with a really bad headache, but sometimes I think that he thinks I’m lying about it. It’s not like I want to be this way. It’s super irritating most of the time, to tell you the truth. Not being able to have air conditioning all the time is one thing, but when you have central A/C in your home and you use it all the time in the spring and summer, your cooling bills are through the roof! I wish that I could figure out a way to deal with my headaches.

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Rooftop unit suits my new business

I’ve always been really into cycling.

I am a member of several area cycling groups that tour upwards of fifty to sixty miles. I’ve even travelled across the entire country and back on my bicycle. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about what makes a bicycle comfortable, fast and durable. I really wanted to open my own bike shop where I could see bicycles and parts and provide maintenance and repairs. I needed an ideal location that would be convenient from all different directions. I wanted a large enough building to house inventory, a showroom and a workshop. I hoped for plenty of parking, big windows and a property within my price range. I looked at various buildings over the course of five years before I finally found the ideal spot. The place had everything I wanted but was extremely run down. I needed to put in quite a bit of work and money before I was able to open my doors to the public. One of my main concerns was the heating and cooling system. When I purchased the location, the HVAC unit was situated along the back of the building where it took up space, created an eyesore and was a target for vandalism. The equipment was ancient, rusted and ugly. I hired a local HVAC contractor to get rid of the old unit and provide suggestions for a better alternative. He recommended that I invest in a rooftop unit. As the name implies, this type of HVAC system is installed on the roof, where it’s out of sight and keeps noise to a minimum. A big advantage of a rooftop unit is the ability to have it serviced or repaired without disrupting daily operations.


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Ductless heat pump is the right fit for renovation project

After our three kids were born, the house got a bit cramped.

  • We needed to figure out the simplest way to add to our square footage.

We decided to turn a rarely used screened in porch into another bedroom. It wasn’t all that difficult to frame in the walls, install windows and installation and extend the electric wires. The biggest dilemma was how to handle temperature control. We live in an area that sees winter temperatures down to twenty below zero and summer heat up into the high eighties. Heating is a necessity and cooling is certainly an advantage. The main house is equipped with a central furnace and air conditioner that utilizes ductwork connected to supply and return vents in each room. To include the new bedroom, we would have needed to continue the duct system. This would have considerably raised our costs for labor and materials, lengthened the completion time and caused a lot more disruption to the home. Plus, ductwork takes up quite a bit of space. We really didn’t have any extra square footage to spare. There was also the concern that our current furnace and air conditioner would fail to keep up with the added workload. After looking into all different options, we decided to invest in a ductless heat pump. The equipment is especially compact, easy to install and provides both heating and cooling capabilities. An outdoor compressor partners with an indoor air handler and requires little more than a tiny hole through an exterior wall, access to electricity and mounting capabilities. The ductless heat pump is wonderfully quiet and energy efficient and keeps the room perfectly comfortable all year round.


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Is she using me for my HVAC skills?

One thing led to another, and we are still dating today, all thanks to a broken air conditioner

Every spring break for the last eight years my friends and I always go to the same lake house. It is owned by my friend Mike’s parents, one of a handful of privately owned cabins around a remote, and pretty amazing, lake. This started when we were all in high school, carried through college, and it continues on today, although a bit shorter, and with fewer people. Last time we went was an epic trip, one of the best ever, because we got our neighbors involved with the party. It actually started because the air conditioner in one of the other cabins broke, and a young lady came and asked for some help. Never before in my life had I felt lucky to be an HVAC tech, but this girl was just that captivating. Now the entire HVAC certification process felt well worth it, and I walked back to her cabin with her. Luckily it was a simple enough fix that I got the air conditioner working without having to walk all the way back to get my tools. After that, she was very grateful to have cooling once again so I invited her over that night to party with us. One thing led to another, and we are still dating today, all thanks to a broken air conditioner. Last week I tuned up her home HVAC system, and the thought occurred to me that she might just be using me for my skills. I’m doing her hundreds of bucks worth of HVAC work here, and she is pretty much out of my league.


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Getting my company off the ground

My Aunt Pauline was always my inspiration. She was a dynamo of a woman, and the life of any party. When I got older, I learned more about her as a person and my respect only grew. She had started out with a hot dog cart on the city streets, and within five years parlayed that into a dozen hot dog carts. From there she branded herself, and set up kiosks in local shopping centers. By the time I was born, her hot dog brand had eighty four different locations. She inspired me to take a similar path once I got my HVAC certification. I started with one van, my tools, and my HVAC skills, and started building my own brand. It would have paid a whole lot more to go be a tech for an established HVAC contractor, lord knows there are always job opportunities out there! Instead of taking the instant money, I wanted to build something all my own, and do for HVAC what Aunt Pauline had done with food. The end result was to not have to do HVAC work at all, to build something with enough value I could sell it and live peacefully for the rest of my days. That is what Aunt Pauline did, and she has never been happier! That is a long time away, though, for right now I am still just a lone HVAC tech in a van with his name painted on the side of it. Keep me in mind for all of your heating and cooling repair and service needs!

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Hired to work on a cruise ship for HVAC experience

After my girlfriend and I broke up, I moved away from the city to get away.

I quit my job working as an HVAC repair technician.

I knew it would be easy to find another job when I finally got settled. I decided to live with a friend of mine that had a spare bedroom in his house. I started looking for a full-time HVAC repair job. I filled out a couple of different applications online. I even put my resume on a couple of different websites. I received an email from one of those websites. The email was from a cruise ship company. They were looking for someone with HVAC certification to work on the cruise ship. They wondered if I was interested in the job and willing to come down to the dock for an interview. I didn’t hesitate for a single minute. I never thought about working on a cruise ship, but it sounded like a fun and interesting idea. I met with the cruise ship director and we talked about responsibilities and duties. I was only required to work 40 hours every week and the rest of the time was mine. I would receive a free room and three meals a day as part of the payment package. After listening to the cruise ship director for an hour, I was ready to sign on the dotted line. I think it will take a long time to get over the breakup with my girlfriend, but having a cruise ship full of other women will make it much easier.

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The whole building is falling down around us and now the boiler has no heat

I’ve been working in the same office building for the past 22 years.

I’ve seen a lot of changes in that time. Hundreds of employees have walked in and out of the doors and three different managers have worked here just in the past five years. I have always tried to keep my head down. I don’t want to be part of the office drama. I mind my own business and I work hard. Lately, things have been falling apart around here. The front door keeps getting stuck. I got caught in the turn around for thirty minutes last week because the maintenance staff was on lunch. Earlier this week, we had a power surge on the fifth floor and I lost two days worth of data and work. Now the boiler isn’t working and there is no heat in the building. It’s only 57 degrees in the lunchroom and that is the only place we have to take our breaks. The boss thinks the boiler problem will be fixed soon, but it’s already been three days and no one seems to be in a rush to fix the heating problem. The whole building is falling down around us and now the boiler is shot too. The boss suggested that we bring space heaters into the office if we can’t handle the cold. It should not be my responsibility to provide heat at work for myself and my coworkers. I have two more years with the company and then I can retire. I really wish they would let me work from home until that time.

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