The furnace ran out of fuel last weekend

When the weather is very cold and icy, my wife and I have to fill our wood furnace three times every day.

We usually stack 8 or 10 slabs of wood into the furnace and that fills the chamber completely.

It was very cold last weekend and my wife and I were not prepared for the unusual cold snap. It was 60 degrees outside when we went to bed and the furnace had a few logs still sitting inside. I added a couple of logs, but I did not stack the wood all the way to the top of the furnace. I honestly did not anticipate low and cold temperatures and I thought the couple of logs would be enough until the morning. I should have just filled the furnace, but I was being really lazy. Around 3 in the morning, my wife woke up to use the bathroom and she knew right away that the furnace was out. She woke me up immediately and told me to go outside to check. I didn’t want to get dressed and put on my boots, hat, gloves, scark, and a jacket, but our furnace is outdoors. That is one reason why we hate to run out of wood. It also takes a long time for the furnace to heat the house after the fire dies. We didn’t get warm until the sun was coming up from behind the mountains. That was a cold lesson to learn in the middle of winter and my wife and I will not make that mistake again.

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I thought the air purifier would have been more expensive

When the wildfires were burning, it was difficult for everyone to breathe properly.

Was also difficult for the firefighters to control the fire and the smoke, ash, and dust was an everyday problem and occurrence.

My wife was the first person to suggest that we purchase an air purifier for our home. I honestly didn’t want to spend a lot of money on an expensive machine that we would only use for a couple of weeks. My wife was determined to get me to change my mind, so she spent four or five days researching different air purifiers online. She came up with a couple of different air purifiers that easily fit our budget and our demand. When I found out that we could purchase a portable air purifier that did not even require a professional installer, I told my wife to order something from the online store. I was thankful that we received free shipping on the product. It was heavy and bulky and shipping would have cost a fortune if the dealer didn’t offer the service at no cost. Even though we no longer have to worry about wildfires, we still use the air purifier frequently. We certainly didn’t expect to have a daily need for an air purifier, but coronavirus has changed all of that. My wife and I keep the air purifier running in order to help keep the virus out of our home. My Mom and Dad tried to order the same air purifier online, but it was out of stock. I guess it was a very good thing that we decided to buy one a while ago.


Ductless mini split

This year has flown by very quickly

Since the beginning of the year, things have been moving very quickly.

I think the main reason is probably due to the virus and all of the problems that we have had in the past 12 months. I can honestly say that my year has been busy. I work as an installation technician for a heating and cooling company. We don’t normally have tons of air filtration jobs on the schedule, but business has been steadily increasing since the beginning of the first quarantine. Last week, I completed three air filtration system installations on my own. One job was for a residential client that had a huge mansion by the beach. The house looked like it could be a bed and breakfast. I lost count of the rooms when I went from the second floor to the third floor. The homeowner wanted me to install an air purifier on each floor of the house and all three machines connect directly to the central HVAC unit. That job took all day and I still didn’t finish until after dark. I don’t know what the other schedules looked like, but I was busy all week. I only had dinner at home one night. The rest of the week, I was forced to grab a burger or a box of chicken on the way home. I barely had time to spend with my dogs, before I had to go to sleep and get ready to do it all over again the next day. I sure hope that things slow down after most of the people have been vaccinated.



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I got stuck waiting for the shipment to arrive

I really wanted to install a mini split HVAC unit in the basement, but I didn’t want to pay the outrageous price that the contractor wanted to charge me for the equipment.

The guy wanted $1,850 just for the equipment, but I found the same mini split ductless HVAC unit online for $400 less.

I have ordered the equipment and I made an appointment with the HVAC contractor to have the machine installed the day after it arrived. I ordered the mini split ductless HVAC unit online on Monday afternoon and I scheduled the installation for the following Monday. I figured that would give me a couple of days just in case the shipment was delayed. I know that can’t happen from time to time, even if the mini split ductless HVAC unit was coming from a private shipping company. Well, it’s a good thing that I didn’t schedule the installation appointment for the day after the machine was supposed to arrive, because it didn’t get to my house until Sunday afternoon. I was surprised that they had Sunday delivery, but they made a special exception due to the fact that they were behind. The company delivering the package had a major crisis a few days earlier and all of the shipments were stuck in the warehouse for two days longer. I was happy the machine finally got delivered, because I thought I was going to have to cancel the installation appointment. My contractor told me that canceling the appointment would carry a fifty dollar reschedule fee and I didn’t want to get stuck paying the fee.

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I only hire licensed HVAC companies and workers

My sister is constantly trying to fix things around her house without getting outside help. We both learned a lot from a father who works in the trades. He might be an electrician by profession, but he is also a skilled carpenter, plumber, roofer, and general handyman. He taught us everything from building wooden shelves to changing the oil in our vehicles. I realize in retrospect how lucky I was to have a father who always had so many valuable skills to teach his children. Many of my friends had unskilled parents, while others were missing one or both of their parents entirely. This is how it is with cooking as well, because our mother is a retired sous chef. My sister and I also take for granted the fact that we learned cooking at a young age as well. But, you can do a lot less damage by taking risks cooking, assuming you leave out mishandling meat and giving yourself food poisoning. My sister is constantly embarking on projects that are far beyond her expertise. I told her to hire a licensed HVAC worker to maintain her air conditioner and furnace. Instead, she claims that she knows enough about air conditioners to do everything herself. Even if I learned the trade from a real technician, I would never compare myself to the licensed HVAC companies that I have worked with over the years. These people are trained to handle these concerns on an hourly basis. You can’t replace the years of experience and wisdom that a verteran HVAC technician has with the heating and cooling industry and the machines on the market.

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Affordable HVAC repair does not always equate to meticulous service

I try to save on needless expenses, especially when I’m shopping.

People don’t realize how much money they can save with coupons.

Even if you don’t spend hours of your week sifting through various physical and digital coupons, there are always store sales to exploit. One of my favorite grocery stores has buy-one, get-one-free promotions every single week. The products eligible for the promotion change with every new sales paper that starts on every Thursday and ends on the following Wednesday. This is how I save so much money whenever I’m at the grocery store. I know that if something I like isn’t on sale at the moment, I can wait a week or two it eventually will go on sale. I try to get essentials at the lowest prices possible, up to the point where I’m compromising on quality. I’ve had bad experiences with discounted meat at stores that already feature discounted prices. If you have a sensitive stomach like I do, you probably shouldn’t roll the dice with clearanced meat products. Aside from products, affordable services sometimes yield lower performance. I hired the cheapest possible heating and cooling company for seasonal air conditioner maintenance. Sadly, they weren’t meticulous with their work and left my condensate line uncleaned to the point where it formed a clog and the water backed up into my house. If I had paid for a good HVAC service from the beginning I would have avoided an expensive mess while receiving better labor in the process. A better heating and cooling company doesn’t cut as many corners as the cheapest heating and cooling company.


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Getting HVAC duct replacement is extremely expensive if you want new metal

I don’t know how I’m going to afford the repairs all over my house.

The bathroom needs a new shower and a new toilet.

If necessary, I’m going to replace the vanity and sink as well. Once I finish the single bathroom, I have to turn my attention to my kitchen. The dishwasher is leaking and can’t get used until I procure a new machine. The countertops are in good shape, but the refrigerator needs to be replaced at the same time I get a new dishwasher. Beyond the kitchen, I have a broken window to replace and new carpet to lay in both bedrooms. But there’s another recurring issue that I only recently diagnosed. The temperature in my house is different from room to room. The zones closest to the air handler are the coldest, while the rooms at the back of the house are always warmer. My heating and cooling technician explained to me that my ductwork wasn’t properly designed years ago when it was installed. However, the cost of replacing the old metal ductwork with new metal ductwork was going to be astronomical. For the entire house, I was looking at a $4,000 price tag. This is in part due to the odd architecture of the house and the number of custom fittings they would need to properly connect each room to the next. Otherwise, they could install a simple duct damper that works almost like a water faucet valve. At a closed position the damper blocks all air from going down whatever section of ductwork it’s connected to. As you open the damper, an increasingly larger volume of air can travel through the duct. The damper blocks excess air going to the cold zones and redirects it to the hotter zones in the house. This creates a temperature balance throughout the whole house.


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My parents taught me the importance of HVAC preventative maintenance

My parents taught me a lot of important lessons over the years.

Remembering to change the oil in one’s car is a perfect example.

They helped me keep an old SUV on the road for years after reaching 200,000 miles because of their advice. This involved taking the car to the mechanic several times a year for oil changes and general engine inspections. Catching issues before they turn into catastrophic problems is important. If for instance there’s a leaky pipe in your house, it’s better to find it while the surrounding areas are merely wet instead of flooded. Many people do visual inspections of their homes on a semi-regular basis. The heating and cooling system is a perfect example. My parents told me that an air conditioner is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment that regular people have in their homes. It’s also used more often in certain climates than virtually any other home appliance behind the refrigerator, microwave, or oven. I don’t take any chances and have paid for annual maintenance contracts for the past six or seven years straight. If there’s a problem with the air conditioner, a trained professional diagnoses the problem before the entire HVAC system is threatened. There are other aspects of preventative care that they handle as well. Aside from monthly filter changes, I also get refills of coolant whenever my air conditioner needs them. The technician cleans my condensate line during each visit as well. Having a maintenance contract with the heating and cooling company keeps my air conditioner and furnace from breaking down needlessly at random moments. I owe my parents for teaching me the importance of having one.

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Tired of sneezing all the time

I might even have the Heating & A/C supplier install an whole-house air purifier in my plan while he is there

I am so sick of sneezing, then right in the early morning I constantly sneeze a bunch of times. It is super aggravating because that means I need to have tissues on hand to blow my nose. I suppose I will be all stuffed up for at least an minute. I usually begin my labor day on a call too, however so I sound super gross for every single call. I figured out it isn’t me being tired causing the sneezing. Right in the morning my heating device turns on & the dirty indoor air conditions causes the sneezing fit. I am seriously looking into air duct cleaning just because I don’t want to sneeze anymore. I did a little research & the things that could be in my air duct has me splitting out in hives. Sticks, leaves, or dead creatures from the outside frequently get into ducts; My hair, cat’s hair, dead skin cells, bugs & dirt all can get sucked up in the air duct too. I can’t even begin to understand how gross it is there. To make matters worse, I suppose I scraped my bedroom & kitchen’s ceiling. They both had popcorn that I scrapped off. I then mudded & sanded each ceiling to make them smooth, then of course, that old popcorn & dust got sucked up & is lingering in my air duct. Now I am inhaling that gross dust & getting sick off of it. I might even have the Heating & A/C supplier install an whole-house air purifier in my plan while he is there. The cost of those is not too awful & I wouldn’t have to see it. It would keep the dust out of my air conditions too.
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I prepared to be locked down

As soon as a threat is shown to our area, I immediately stock up on supplies, however the moment it looks enjoy there will be a hurricane, I am out buying water, granola bars as well as canned goods; I option up a generator when there is a storm coming as well as I will be out stock that is running low.

I never want to be caught unaware or be left without something! When the threat of COVID started gaining popularity, I knew it would be a matter of time before you couldn’t do particular things. I was quick to buy all the toilet paper, cleaning supplies as well as canned goods I needed. I also made sure to get our car oil changed, our hairchop as well as I called for Heating as well as A/C service. I am really thrilled I did that last one since our machine entirely needed a repair! By the time I got a modern motor for our cooling system installed as well as the system operational, most Heating as well as A/C dealers were shutting down temporarily. I even managed to snag an whole-house air purifier right before our Heating as well as A/C corporation closed their doors. The virus is still going strong as well as it has almost been a year. I recognize there are people desperate to get their hands on air cleaners as well as are having trouble with their equipment since they didn’t call for Heating as well as A/C service, at this point I am hoping that I can get repair now that it has been a year later. I didn’t method for the virus to stay this long. At least I recognize our equipment just got a repair.