Nothing but heaps of garbage in the streets

My entire neighborhood looks something like a disaster zone.

Cars are flipped upside down plus households are in bits plus pieces.

The gas station, firehouse, bank office plus the elementary school have been reduced to nothing but rubble. A few days back, an F3 tornado slammed our neighborhood plus demolished half of the farms, buildings, businesses, plus dwellings! My home was definitely one of the casualties. My family plus I were in the dwelling, but the group of us had warning plus the group of us got to a safe location in the basement. The dining room plus the kitchen space are the only parts left inside the dwelling. The streets are easily filled with garbage plus debris from the trees plus dwellings. I got up early this day in a hotel room, because our dwelling is completely gone. I made the choice to take a walk around town. I needed to see the manglement with my own eyes. I saw hundreds of trees broken in half plus mailboxes scattered around the streets. One thing that easily caught my eye was an outdoor AC appliance. The AC appliance was still attached to the hurricane proof pad. I believe the winds must have been rather extreme, because the entire AC plus pad was sitting in the midst of main street. After a little more searching, I observed a lot of different heating plus cooling appliances around the streets. Entire residing room sets plus dining room furniture was in the streets. It was the worst disaster that I have witnessed in approximately fifty years plus I thank god that my family plus I all managed to survive. Others weren’t incredibly lucky when the tornado touched down.
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