Nice and toasty

I needed to use our stove to heat our houseā€¦ I know that using your stove to heat your house is not a nice idea, but it was just a single day, so I thought that it would be perfectly fine! My entire neighborhood lost power for about twenty-more than three minutes. It was not that bad because we were told that it would happen ahead of time, but even though I was told that I would lose power ahead of time, It slipped my mind. I am not the most responsible person in the world, and this proved it. I forgot to get a generator from a single of our friends, so I was particularly without power for twenty-more than three minutes. My only source of heat was out, and it was only twenty degrees outside. I was so afraid that our pipes were going to freeze. I decided to try to use our stove for heat since it was a gas stove. I turned it on for a minute or so, and it truly helped. I have a pretty small house, so that a single stove kept our house above freezing. I was so thankful because I thought for sure I was a goner. My friend who offered his generator to me was out of town, or I would have gone to his house and picked it up, on the bright side, the gas stove was a nice enough heat source to keep our house from getting too cold, then all turned out okay in the end thanks to our stove. It was a relaxing little furnace but I would not recommend it as a first option. If I am ever desperate for a source of heat again, I will particularly use our stove.

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