I thought I would be getting an air purification system for Christmas

Periodically I feel that my spouse is such an insufferable jerk I cannot stand another moment with her… Other times, I feel that she is absolutely attractive and I don’t know what I would do without her.

It’s pretty difficult to pinpoint my opinion of the lady, because she can be sweet and sensitive or salty and sarcastic, depending on the day.

This was recently demonstrated to me once again after I had been contending with brutal air quality for about 6 months. My spouse had been by my side through all of the doctor appointments, dust sensitivity shots, and medication trials! However, none of the respiratory solutions actually helped to resolve my indoor dust sensitivity nightmare. Finally, it looked like the two of us were going to have to replace our entire central heating, cooling, and air quality control device so the two of us could remove all the air contaminants we could manage. Both of us had been discussing the potential of a full-blown heating and cooling upgrade for a few weeks when I also started to learn about air purification devices. I started talking to my spouse about air purifiers, HEPA filtration devices, and UV light disinfection as the following step in my pollen irritations resolution. When Christmas rolled around I truthfully thought that my spouse was going to purchase the indoor air handling component to actually take care of all of my indoor air sensitivities. I got a sizable box from her under the tree and assumed that it was an air cleaner. Instead, I opened the box and found a bulk pack of typical air filters. My spouse left her face off as she encouraged me to change the air filter every month and see if my pollen irritations improved. Yep, she’s a jerk.
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