I left up to the professionals.

My husband is the type of man who was brought up to be the ‘man of the house’.

According to his dad that means he is responsible for repairing anything that needs fixed.

He is responsible for taking care of the dirty chores and keeping things running. I appreciate that he knows how to fix the car and do the regular oil changes and other types of servicing. I appreciate that he can repair most anything if it breaks down. There are some things however, that need to be taken care of by the professionals. He works on some of the electrical repairs and he has been trying to repair our air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, he has no experience working with the HVAC system. He has never had any experience with the air conditioning unit or with the furnace. The only thing he has ever done with either, is when he changes the air filter, or cleans out the air ducts. These are chores I could do if he would let me. When the air conditioning unit broke down, he was adamant about trying to repair the unit. He looked up information online and he was sure he could do it. I watched as he became more frustrated by the minute. I finally called the HVAC company and told them we needed a professional. I explained the situation and the HVAC tech was at the house within a couple hours. My husband objected, but he understood and he was grateful to give up the reins when it came to the air conditioner.



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