I just need the AC unit repaired.

I am always threatening to move out of my apartment, but this time I am serious.

I have never liked living in a one-room apartment.

I am always having problems. The only reason I moved into this apartment was because it was cheap and convenient. The landlord was so nice when I moved in. I didn’t think that when I had a problem with the HVAC system, he would ignore me. I have had to call him about ten times because of the air conditioning not working. I don’t remember mom and dad having this type of problems with their HVAC system. They took care of their air conditioning unit and the furnace. They made sure it was clean and that everything worked well, even before it was needed. That is what I wanted my landlord to do for me. I wanted the HVAC system cleaned and maintained. I didn’t want to go through a summer or winter without air conditioning or heating. I had to call him three times before he even returned my phone call. I’m lucky if the HVAC system runs a week before it stops working again. The last time I called about the HVAC system, he told me he was going to have me sued for harassment. I tried to tell him my HVAC wasn’t working and it was cold in the apartment. I called the HVAC company and gave them his name. He’s getting the bill for the HVAC repairs, and I have documentation of how many times I called and his responses. I recorded the phone calls.

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