I couldn’t find an air conditioner

The air conditioner that I purchased the other week just broke.

It’s a bummer that I have to return the air conditioner.

It is supposed to be a wonderful air conditioner, however it just stopped working a few minutes ago. Now, I have to drive numerous hours away to return the air conditioner in addition to hopefully get another air conditioner. I’m hoping that they will provide me with my money back. It’s been a long road trying to find an air conditioner in the beginning. I tried ordering an air conditioner online, however that never ended up shipping because the pandemic was in full swing. It was sort of ridiculous that the company never even shipped that air conditioner. Despite this, I got over it. I decided to move forward and buy an air conditioner from a place in my neighborhood. However, that didn’t go well because all of their air conditioners were sold out. I thought that I’d be able to find an air conditioner several weeks later when they restocked, however the air conditioners that were shipped in literally sold out within an hour. I was at work, so I couldn’t get away for an hour. There were literally no air conditioners left when I went back to the store. It was crazy. I had to come up with an up-to-date plan. I decided to travel to a different city, several hours south of mine in addition to buy an air conditioner. They had air conditioners, so I purchased one.

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