He was always someone who enjoyed tinkering.

They diagnosed my brother with autism when he was very young.

He only talked to certain people, and he didn’t like to be touched.

He didn’t respond to teachers as most children would, but he watched closely when you worked on something. He started watching our dad one day, when he was repairing the car. Within a couple of minutes, he was picking up tools and helping. He instinctively knew what needed to fix and how to fix it. He couldn’t explain what he was doing, but he could show dad. Whenever he heard an odd noise in the car, he would open the hood and listen. He could show dad where the sound was coming from and what it could be doing. Then one day, our air conditioning unit broke down. Dad was an HVAC ,and he always made our repairs and did all the servicing and maintenance. Dad headed out to the air conditioning unit to check it out. My brother was already out there. He was listening to the unit, and he knew where the sound was coming from, and he had already diagnosed the air conditioning unit. He told dad what he thought it was, and it surprised dad to find he was right. When dad asked him how he knew what was wrong, he said he was reading. He gave no further explanation, but he knew what he was talking about with the problem with the air conditioning unit. Dad knew he was right and asked him if he was interested in being an HVAC technician?


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