Borrowing money for HVAC

I knew when my heating and cooling unit broke that I was in a bad situation.

You see, I live in a really crappy place that tends to have a lot of things break down. And yet, my air conditioning unit continued on as everything else in my place broke down, so I had a lot of faith in my cooling system. Unfortunately, like everything else in my home, my A/C kicked the bucket. I really, really can’t stand overheated temperatures, it completely messes up my schedule. Although I also knew that I couldn’t afford a complete HVAC repair. I honestly prepared myself for several months of miserable overheated hell. Thankfully, my father, the life saver he is, heard of my problem and offered to give me a loan so I could get my air conditioning unit fixed. I really didn’t want to burden him, so I originally declined his offer, but like a baby, I couldn’t even have a week of no A/C, so I came crawling back to him for help. He gave me the money that I needed, and I promised that I would pay him back as soon as possible. I was able to get the HVAC professional out the next day, and had my HVAC device repaired without issue. I can’t even begin to express how good it felt to have a cooling breeze in my home again, it felt awesome! It took me several months, but I was able to pay my father back, and I even gave him a bonus gift as a thank you, he really is a life saver.
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