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HVAC stops junk room madness

I don’t know what it is that makes me crazy about keeping useless stuff around. But this is really one of my pet peeves for sure. When I see some of the extreme cases of hoarding, it sort of validates my feelings about junk and getting rid of it. I don’t mind spending money on […]

No debate over who does the HVAC service or repair

My wife and I make decisions together about nearly everything that effects our lives. Sure, there are plenty of things we take care of on our own but we still try to communicate when it comes to decisions that involve the family. There are times where we actually debate each other a bit. It doesn’t […]

Seal the drafts and save on HVAC heating

While I was at it, I replaced the weather stripping throughout the house and even added some insulation I honestly thought something was wrong with the HVAC equipment. Since I had never had a gas furnace heating my home before, I wasn’t sure that it was working right. Our first winter in this house was […]

In love with HVAC air purifier

So what a difference clean air makes. The change in our indoor air quality is far more effective than I could have ever imagined. Had I known quality indoor air was this nice, I’d have gotten an air purifier a long time ago. To call it just an air purifier is a bit of a […]

It was a tough week, but I made it

This was a pretty hard week. Instead of taking my regular days off from work, I spent those days celebrating the birthdays of my children. It was our eldest son’s birthday and our Infant child’s birthday. I knew that they were going to have friends over for their parties and we couldn’t do them together […]