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Heating the hunting lodge

Every winter I spend two weeks up at the old family cabin. I do a lot of hunting, but not for sport. No one should ever kill anything just to kill it. I follow all the rules and regulations, and usually come back with enough meat to feed my family for a good six months. […]

My Mom is stubborn about her AC

My poor mother, if she didn’t suffer in silence she wouldn’t know what to do with herself. I used to feel bad about it, but then I realized she is one of those people that needs you to feel bad for her. She makes certain choices to endure quiet hardships, only so later on she […]

Having the world’s “coolest” job

I like to think I have the world’s coolest job. Well, the coolest job for a nerd who is into horror movies and collectables. I won’t bore you with how I got to this position, but suffice to say I own a small online company that sells personally autographed collectables. I have a “signing room” […]

My wife is never satisfied it seems

I used to think my wife was the perfect woman for me. She is beautiful, she is a great cook, and she has this passion about life that I really love. I started to notice a problem over the years though. It seems like nothing is ever good enough for her. She has told me […]

Getting a great deal

With some smooth talking and other natural tricks that I have under my sleeves I was able to talk this stingy HVAC contractor down to an extremely affordable option Ever since I was a young man I have always been good at getting a good deal on things. I think it partially comes from my […]