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My dad was firmly against furnaces

When I was younger, my dad was always super against using furnaces, and I know why. He absolutely hated furnaces, and it was crazy. In our house, we had a wood stove. Sure, it was pretty cool to have a type of heating system that nobody else had, but owning a heating system that runs […]

I got to travel across the world

I got to travel across the world for my HVAC job. I have been an HVAC technician for only a few years, but everyone at the heating and cooling business knows I have a special gift for fixing every HVAC unit I get my hands on. After only three years of working in the heating […]

Our hot water heater exploded

Our hot water heater exploded last week and I never saw it coming. I have had my hot water heater for five years and it has never caused me any trouble. When I first got it installed, the HVAC technician who installed it told me to schedule two boiler inspections a year just to make […]

The hotel AC let me down.

Every year, we have a Christmas party for everyone in our company. I always use the main convention center in the local hotel. It had always been a great experience and I didn’t expect this year to be any different. I paid to have the hotel do all the decorations, but I wanted to oversee […]

We hated the bed and breakfast.

My wife and I had heard a lot about bed and breakfasts and AirBnB’s. We weren’t sure where we were going to stay when we went on vacation this summer, but we knew where we were going. Every year we stay in the same hotel, but we wanted something different this year. I thought about […]

All we needed was some airflow.

When you’re a college student, you become very resourceful. You don’t get a lot of sleep, and you don’t have a lot of money. The only thing you have is a lot of classes and studying in front of you. We have a couple of weekends where we party hard, but we earn that. Myself […]

Now I am in trouble.

I decided to head to town that afternoon and I bought a window AC unit. I didn’t like this house when we first bought it and I don’t like it now that we own it. My husband looked at it as a fixer-upper and I looked at it like it was a mess. The only […]