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The air vents have so much dust on them

Things around the world are entirely crazy right now. Everyone is sad about getting the covid-19 virus, then my family and I are entirely sad; I have terrible asthma and most of us have pollen irritations as well. If we get sick, we are going to have a lot of concerns breathing. I heard that […]

A temperature control system that really works

Not only did I have unbelievable indoor residing conditions, however my supplier also offered me a yearly stipend, car rental, and plenty of currency for food, drinks, and entertainment I have traveled quite frequently for work. I am on the road most of the time. In fact, I haven’t been beach house in almost many […]

I don’t love our up-to-date air cleaner

I thought that I would be ecstatic purchasing an air cleaner, but I assume that it was not meant to be. The only reason that I even decided to purchase an air purification program is because of all of this stuff that was happening with the virus, then i hadn’t even thought about purchasing an […]

Whole-lake house humidifier for virus help

I understand that viruses don’t do well in humidity This far south, our A/Cs run almost year-round, then most of the time I like that the A/C removes most of the humidity from the air, however, recently, I have been wishing it would leave some of the humidity for us. My hubby & I both […]

The collection

People collect clothes, coins, art, antiques, you name it plus there is somebody that collects it. I too have a collection although mine is a bit more strange than your average joe’s. I collect Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C parts, and collecting aged heating plus cooling parts reminds me of our father that passed […]