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Heating and cooling ruins shopping experience

I have never been a fan of shopping at the mall. During the winter, the stores are all terribly overheated. Because of the walk across the parking lot, we’re forced to bundle up in heavy boots and coats. Then we get inside and get blasted by a steady stream of hot air. I get frustrated […]

Boiler links to radiant floors and snowmelt system

Living in the northeast, very close to the Canadian border, the winter weather creates a lot of work and expense. We deal with temperatures down to negative twenty-five and the wind chill makes it feel even colder. The annual snow accumulation typically adds up to three feet. With the winter conditions lasting approximately eight months, […]

I’ve decided to go back to school this year

This year, I’ve decided that I want to go back to school to get my HVAC certification. I’ve been working at the same job ever since I graduated from high school several years ago, but now I think that I’m ready to make a change. I’m just not feeling very fulfilled in my job and […]

I didn’t grow up with air conditioning

I didn’t grow up with air conditioning, and my friends used to make fun of me for it all of the time. Looking back, they were really not my friends if they were making fun of me for something so silly. It did hurt my feelings back then though. I didn’t understand why my parents […]

I absolutely love my new humidifier

I absolutely love my new humidifier. I had not had a humidifier in my bedroom for years. I used to use a humidifier every single night when I was a child. My mom had a thing for humidifiers. She thought that they were the cure to just about every problem in life. It is sort […]

My mom bought me a new dehumidifier

My mom bought me a new dehumidifier. I didn’t tell her that she had to. I actually told her not to buy me a new dehumidifier even though she accidentally broke my dehumidifier. I know that she doesn’t have a lot of extra money right now, so I told her not to worry about getting […]

Just before the party, my air conditioner went out

Just before the party, my air conditioner went out. It was the most inconvenient time that my air conditioner could have picked to go out. I was so frustrated, and I didn’t know what to do. It was literally only about fifteen minutes before guests were supposed to start arriving, so I didn’t have time […]

I love my air purifier

I love my air purifier. I have had it for so many years. I tried to count how many years I have had my air purifier the other day, and I could not figure out how many years it has been. I have had no issues with it so far. I know that it is […]